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What’s the best thing about Carmine’s NYC coming to Las Vegas? Not sure I can name just one, but if you are not familiar with the Italian restaurant based out of New York City, I suggest heading down to The Forum Shops at Caeser’s Palace to find out what you are missing. If you are a local and wondering the best place to park (because we do that), it’s a wash as Carmine’s NYC is smack dab in the middle of the mall. But, you can not miss it. It’s gigantic- like 28,000 square feet gigantic, with over 7 rooms that can be turned into private dining, business meetings space and small celebrations like weddings, birthdays and graduations.

carmines NYC wine wall Las Vegas

Here are some of my favorite things about Carmine’s NYC:

  • It’s Family Style. Which also means it is quite affordable for large groups. The menus are allergy and dietary accommodating (gluten and nut free options are available). There is also a secret “Kid Menu”. Though not on display, if you ask your waiter, they will provide you a list of several kid friendly options that are not such substantial proportions.
  • Theater and Show friendly. Can’t decide which is more important…getting to your show on time or taking home those delicious leftovers? Not to worry. Carmine’s NYC offers a “LeftOvers Check”. They will gladly keep your left over items in a fridge while you are enjoying yourself in Vegas. Just don’t forget to come back for those scrumptious late night bites!
  • Curb Side To-Go is coming if it’s not already available. Locals know the hinderance of wanting amazing take-out from those world class restaurants on the Strip, but it is not always so user friendly to pick up and go. Au contraire mon frere. Carmine’s NYC is the first, and only that I know of, to offer a Curb Side To-Go option. Call in your order ahead of time, a Carmine’s NYC employee will meet you at the original Forum Shops valet with your dinner bagged and ready to go. Awesome.

I do suggest though, that if you can make the time to dine-in, to do so. Even though the restaurant is rather large, it still feels very intimate. I was an invited guest of Carmine’s NYC and even with the large group we were with and the large groups sittingFTCDisclosure around us, we could still hear each other without shouting or leaning over. The decor is designed to create an intimate feeling, with over 1,000 framed photos on the walls, I felt like I was eating at my own Italian grandmother’s house for Sunday supper. Yes, I said supper. Plus, the cocktail menu, wine list and dessert options are well worth the visit.

One more thing I love about Carmine’s NYC? I asked for house recipes, and they gave them to me! 

Carmine’s Meatballs

Carmines NYC Meatballs in Las Vegas

Carmines NYC Meatball Recipe