PBS Kids has done again with the new mathematically focused show, Peg + Cat. The twins and I had the opportunity to screen the show before it airs Monday, October 7th at 9am. Peg + Cat is created by Billy Aronson, and is A Fred Rogers Program, along with other well-known and lovable PBS Kids shows like, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Here are 8 things I love about Peg + Cat:

Peg+Cat Screen

1. It’s a mathematics based, and the star of the show is a little girl, Peg, and her cat. I love the main character working on and solving math problems is a girl. Love the idea that Peg is helping little girls ages 3-5 build confidence with an unbiased view of the subject that is generally seen as male dominant.

2. I love Peg! Oh my gosh- she’s hip, adorable and spunky! The boys were laughing at her antics, and she was easy to watch.

3. I LOVE how the characters look hand drawn, and are drawn on graph paper in keeping with the math theme. It’s the details that count.

4. Speaking of details…I love how no matter the story line, there is always a way to teach math. Whether it’s cleaning her room, exploring through outer space or gathering the chickens, it is a learning story without the obvious signs of teaching.FTCDisclosure

5. I love how Peg + Cat makes math fun! Wait until you hear the groovy music and catchy tunes. The twins would stand up and dance, or do a little happy dance right in their seat. The story lines are modern and fun, and based on every day, real life situations, proving that math is everywhere!

6. Not only are the parents engaged, but the kids are, too! Throughout the stories Peg has catch phrases like, “We’ve got a problem!”, or, “I’m totally freaking out!!”. The kids in the screening room were giggling and gasping, and answering her back when she posed a question to her TV audience.

7. My 3 year old boys loved the show, and when I introduced it to my 7 year old daughter, she took to it immediately. She especially loved the book that was gifted to us, The Chicken Problem.

8. Even though my kids can watch Peg + Cat on Vegas PBS, Channel 10, every Monday-Friday at 9am, they can continue their mathematical adventures through space, Medieval times, bath time or on a farm by downloading the app in iTunes or The Marketplace.


Peg + Cat is fun, entertaining and educational. A new concept to teaching math by using music, every day life problems, and original stories that keep children involved and excited for more. Add Peg + Cat to your DVR List, and watch it with your little entourage! To learn more about Peg + Cat, visit the PBSKids website.