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Rose Shack Las Vegas Valentine's Day

Make an impression with their favorite flowers for Valentine’s Day with an elegant bouquet from BloomNation.com. Flowers are a special treat that truly brightens up anyone’s day. How excited are you to get a surprise bouquet of your favorite stems? Ever notice how even a single rose or a handpicked daisy makes your day even more delightful? I had the opportunity to select and send my parents a beautiful bouquet for their 39th Anniversary last week from the BloomNation.com website. It was difficult to choose because I loved the floral design of all the options from one of the chosen BloomNation.com floral artisans based out of Las Vegas, the Rose Shack Las Vegas. Full, modern, lush, delicate- I always have a hard time choosing the right combination for people. I try to match their personalities, maybe decide based on their favorite colors, and sometimes I happen to know their favorite flowers, which makes the arrangement even that more special.

It’s one thing to browse through the professionally handcrafted floral arrangements on a website, but it’s another to actually receive the said arrangement, and have it look identical to what you think you are buying. When visiting a floral site, remember the floral arrangements are not going to be identical to what you actually receive. Depending on the expert craftsmanship of the florist depends on the final product. Luckily, Juliet at Rose Shack Las Vegas is one of those experts. The flowers arrived to my parent’s home as expected, along with a sweet note. Both my mom and my dad were impressed with the quality of the flowers. I loved that the Rose Shack offered all of my mom’s favorites flowers in one bouquet. I choose the Low and Lush in a Wooden Box arrangement featuring hydrangea, tulips, roses, and cymbidiums. Take a look at their website image, then compare it to the actual one my parents received:



RoseShack Las Vegas Florals

Still pretty impressive, right? Even a day or two after delivery, the flowers were fresh, dewy and perky. The only downside to the longevity of the arrangement was that it was quite warm in my parent’s house, so the tulips opened rather quickly, and the smaller delicate white flowers wilted sooner than the others. But the majority of the bouquet stayed hearty looking for a little over a week.

Rose Shack Las Vegas is one of the several florists based out of Las Vegas that are connected to a larger network of national floral companies, all located on a site called BloomNation.com. As their Instagram (@BloomNation) profile states, “BloomNation.com- Think Etsy for Flowers,”. Basically, it is a marketplace to choose and send unique floral creations to most cities across the country, all hand crafted by top floral artists. The next time you are looking to order a floral creation (in fact, why not send flowers for Valentine’s Day?), consider utilizing the BloomNation.com florists.  Here are some reasons to select BloomNation.com:

  • BloomNation’s state of the art platform makes it simple to find the best designs, prices and reviews of top florists across the country, all in one place.
  • Unlike the current floral service brokers that show a stock catalog of products, BloomNation displays photos directly from the local florist. They even send customers a picture of the final product before they hand deliver them.
  • BloomNation fits the needs of every consumer, and at every price point. And because you’ll always deal with local florists, you will pay local pricing without any service fees.
  • Unlike competitors, BloomNation offers 25,000 plus bouquet options. Your gift (for a loved one or yourself) will be as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Along with Rose Shack Las Vegas, you can also choose from an array of elegant, fun, sweet and over the top creations from other locally owned floral boutiques.  It really is so simple, just visit BloomNation.com and enter your zipcode. The website will pull up a collection of flower creations to choose from. Select the one you love most, and the local florist who creates that particular one will handle your requests and order. In fact, I am giving you, my loyal RockStarMomLV readers, the chance to win your own beautiful bouquet, up to $100, just in time for Valentine’s Day from BloomNation.com. Send it to someone special, or keep it for yourself!

Las Vegas EnglishGardenFlorist.com

For a real visual treat, follow them on Instagram @BloomNation. Enter to win a gorgeous bouquet from Las Vegas’ English Garden using the Rafflecopter below.

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