Before you spend money on your next movie theater experience, check out the new Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatres. Located at 4500 East Sunset Road in Henderson (formerly the AMC Theater if you are familiar with the area), is a brand new way to go to the movies.

Top 5 Reasons to Pick Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatres

  • Comfy leather seats that fully recline, including the foot rest. In fact, they recline so much, it’s just like sitting in your favorite chair at home.
  • Cup holders and trays. No more lap-popcorn or spilled candy or sodas.
  • Sodas? Why not, have a glass of wine or a premium beer. When I say premium, I mean the good stuff, like Stella Artois and Corona.*
  • Crisp, clear HD film, Dolby surround sound, and over-sized screens so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Pre-selected seats. You have to make a reservation and choose your seats in order to see the movie. This is great for timing and the “where are we going to sit” dilemma.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatres. I brought my 9 year old son to see the movie, “42”. It was a great Mother/Son date. We grabbed our popcorn, candy and drinks, reclined our hand selected seats, and enjoyed the show. It was a 7pm show, and my son was in his comfort zone- he actually fell asleep towards the end.

Galaxy Green Valley Luxury Theatres

I was so impressed with the theater, I’m not sure I will go to another one again! I also know that if I want my husband to accompany me (he hates going to the movies) that this is the only theater for him.


5 Things You Should Know about Galaxy Luxury Theater

  • Their motto: Luxury amenities at an affordable price. Tickets are $12 flat all day, all day, for every movie. No matinee prices here, but the $12 is worth the visit.
  • If you are into movie theater hot dogs, Galaxy Luxury Theater offers premium dogs for around $6. You can design them yourself or pick from the menu.
  • I’m actually not sure I would bring my littles to this theater. They wouldn’t appreciate the experience. My older kids (9 & 7) love it, and it’s great for family night.
  • Gift Cards system is not fully up and running yet, but will be soon. Love the idea to give the gift for teachers, “You’re the best teacher in the Galaxy!”.
  • Check on-line periodically for which films show at Galaxy Luxury Theater. Due to the limited number of screens, they do not get every movie. However, it seems as though most of the block busters come through there at some point.
  • For more information, or to book your reservation for your next movie theater experience, visit Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatres on Facebook and Twitter.


*Beer and wine selection vary based on availability and popularity.

As a member of the media I was given two movie passes and concessions. All thoughts and opinions are my own.