Have you tried Rdio? Me neither, until now, because they just sent me The Great Gatsby soundtrack to preview and, told me to share it with you. Exciting right? I cannot wait to see this film, which starts Friday. What’s even more exciting, my husband wants to see it, too. Definitely making our reservations at the new Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatres, with reclining seats, premium beer and wine selections, and super sharp, crisp viewing. Sounds like the perfect date night to me!

Until then, I’m enjoying the tracks laid down by JayZ, Beyonce, Andree 3000, wil.i.am, Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Ray and Sia. What was that? Andre3000 and Beyonce remade the Amy Winehouse classic, “Back to Black”?! Ugh. The anticipation is getting stronger! If this soundtrack is anything like the Moulin Rouge soundtrack…I may have found my new love.

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