On February 23rd, I’m going to do something I would never allow my kids to do (OK, well, not on a regular basis!)…I’m going to roll around in the mud!

In my quest to re-ignite my fitness routine, I was asked by the Dirty Girl Mud Run for Las Vegas to be a blog ambassador. Though I’ve seen and have had tons of friends do these races, I’ve not done one myself. And, since my motto is, “Do One Things A Day That Scares You,” I decided this should be that thing for February 23rd.

At 10am, I will race through an obstacle course smothered and layered and covered in mud, with hopefully, a bunch of my friends, and feel a great sense of satisfaction afterwards!


What I love about this idea is Teams are encouraged, you can skip obstacles that are too difficult, and cancer survivors race for free! Check out what the Go Dirty Girl team has to say:

An untimed obstacle course that welcomes women of all ages and athletic abilities, Dirty Girl Mud Run challenges women to break from their routine for a day, get out of their comfort zones, get dirty, and accomplish something brand new – all while having a blast. Every one of the obstacles—from the “Utopian Tubes” tunnel crawl to the “PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)” mud pit—is optional, so participants can skip anything they find too difficult. Forming teams is encouraged, and so are crazy team uniforms. A Dirty Girl Mud Run comes with excitement, laughter, and camaraderie—as well as lots of music, food and drinks. From start to finish, it’s an unforgettable event and an incredible teambuilding experience.

The time and location for this is currently TBD, but you can follow along here, on the RockStarMomLV Facebook, or on the Go Dirty Girl Facebook page to keep up to date on all the latest info. If you are ready to sign up go to the Go Dirty Girl website to register, and use this discount code: DGTUBLOG20 to save 20% on your total registration.

Have you gotten Dirty before? I’d love to hear about your experience!