After my boys turned 2, I decided it was time to brave the outside world. As my friends like to say, “Go a bit outside your comfort zone,” which, when you are a mother of multiples, that means getting all of you dressed and taking that first giant leap of faith by walking out the front door. For almost a year, people were surprised I had more kids than just my two older children!

I reached out to Melissa Weiner, Mayor of Kidville Las Vegas, to find out which class she would suggest for my rowdy 2 year old boys. Without hesitation she told me about the Run, Wiggle, Paint and Giggle class. Though the class is technically for children ages 18-months to 2 years, the boys were still at the right age for the class.


What I personally loved about that class is the structure it gave to my boys. They are full of energy, to put it mildly, and need to be constantly engaged in something new. Run, Wiggle, Paint, and Giggle offers just that type of thing. Ran much like a pre-school class, the first 15 minutes are spent with the children getting acclimated to their surroundings by taking off their shoes, saying Hi to their friends, and exploring the fun stations at the toddler sized tables. The next 15 minutes are spent in circle time, reading stories and singing songs. The last songs being a movement song that gets the children’s hands in the air and fingers ready to paint. Back to the tables they go for the arts and craft segment of the class.

Run Wiggle Paint and Giggle at Kidville Las Vegas

The last 15-minutes is personally, my favorite, which includes one of the musicians from the Rockin’ Railroad coming into the class to play the guitar and sing songs with the kids. I think this was the twins’ favorite part, too, as they earned quite a reputation as the dancers and singers of the group.

Those 15-minute increments lasted just long enough that when the boys’ attention was about to fade, we moved onto the next activity. And, the activities varied just enough to keep them interested in doing something new. I really can’t say enough about Kidville Las Vegas…the classes, the space and the people. We LOVE it!

I want you to love it, too! Today through February 13, 2013, I am apart of a Kidville Las Vegas Give Away of a Half Semester and Silver Membership. The semester will begin on February 25th, and you can sign your child up for any age appropriate class at Kidville Las Vegas through the end of the semester (week of April 22nd). Enter below for your chance to win!

This give away is made possible because I am a Kidville Las Vegas Mom Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. You must me a Southern Nevada resident to win.

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