Meg and Frank Lowery have always impressed me. From the time I met them back in our lululemon athletica days when Frank was the Triathlon Ambassador, I knew they were a power couple in the sports and racing world. A little over 10 years ago, the Lowerys put together one of Southern Nevada’s most famous triathlons, the Silverman, where athletes would come from all over the country and the world to compete in one of the toughest courses in North America. Though I never competed myself, I found the event to be inspiring, not only watching people cross the finish line, but also the prep it took for them to get there. In my experience, Frank and Meg have a passion for sport, fitness and their community. I’ve taken Frank’s spin classes, and rocked the Strength Center Fitness Challenge with Meg. If you are a runner, swimmer or biker you are bound to know the Lowerys personally, or at least through six degrees of separation. Knowing how much of their lives are dedicated to improving triathlons and enriching the lives of others through fitness gives me the confidence to send my kids to the Lowery’s Aquatic Swim program happening this Fall.

{The Lowery Family}

My two older kids have been swimming since they were 18 months old, but it took them until this summer to learn how to swim using strokes. My son can doggie paddle like no other, but it’s about time he became a stronger swimmer. He loves to be outdoors, and wants to fish with his dad and ride on the boats. The compromise for that is that he needs to know how to swim. My daughter is like a little fish, and actually has great endurance. I would like to see her be active in something she loves to do. To enhance their skills, I can’t think of a better program for them then with the Lowerys.


{My kids with their RockStar Dad}

Here are testimonials from parents of previous participants:

“Lowery’s Aquatics Swim program was an excellent program for preparing my two girls for the competitive swim team. They are now in the top level for their age group!”
“Lowery’s Swim program helped my son become a stronger and more confident swimmer”
“My son loved the program! he used it as cross training for his main sport, lacrosse. It really helped with his endurance.”
“We saw a huge difference in my daughter’s swimming ability. She learned all of the strokes and became such a strong swimmer”
“My children loved the coaches. They were hands on and made it such a positive experience”

This intensive aquatic program is designed for kids ages 6-16 to enhance their endurance, build strength and learn a flawless technique two times a week in a six week program. Classes start Monday, October 8th and run through November 14th, Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-5:15pm. For more information on the Lowery’s Aquatic Swim program, contact Katy Mason at 702.524.1106.