I have been talking about Neiman Marcus and the exquisite designer looks showcased all over the runway, and admittedly…I can’t afford it, but I want the look so bad! So, I enlisted local fashion stylist and blogger, Christie Moeller, to help me decode some of this high-style fashion and translate it into dollars that make sense.

Christie has been styling professionally for over 12 years, and has an impressive client list. She agreed to meet me for breakfast at the Egg and I, in hopes that she would let me in on some of her well-kept shopping secrets. When Christie and I spoke, we agreed that the level of fashion attainable is designer. She doesn’t shop or go into stores that specifically advertise to the younger set, because as she explained it: why spend your money on trendy clothes that aren’t meant to fit a Thirty-something, and will fall apart after the first wash? I agree. But how do you maintain that level of style without having to dip into your kids’ college savings account? Easy, Christie says…and you can still buy designer.

Neiman Marcus Las Vegas Ken Downing

Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, shares his Spring Fashion Tips at a recent Neiman Marcus event at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

THEOUTNET.com is a sister site to Net-a-Porter.com, an amazing source of the latest styles and trends of all things designer. THE OUTNET houses carefully selected designers and fashions and makes them available to us at discounted prices. Of course, you have to remember, these are still designer prices, just with a 70% off price tag. Attractive pricing and not totally out of reach, you just might have to skip a few meals out that week in order to buy that Miu Miu clutch, but it’s better than breaking into your “Rainy Day” funds. It’s all a matter of perspective and priorities, darling!


Outlet Shopping is still high on her list of nailing down those seasonal pieces by injecting some life into your existing wardrobe. Places like the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall North (Downtown), Off Fifth (Saks 5th Avenue outlet store @ Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall South), Last Call (Neiman Marcus outlet store @ Primm) and Nordstroms Rack are some of her favorite spots to hit up around town. She does this for a living, but admits that these stores can be hit or miss at times. However, they are worth the trek and commitment due to the high quality and the labels these stores provide at a really great cost.

In the Tiki Room

So what about shoes? I was drooling, yes, that’s right, drooling over the heart-stopping beauties put on the runway by Brit designer, Charlotte Olympia. Christie says Charlotte is too new and in demand to be finding any of her creations at a fashion outlet, but the next best thing is to try the Designer Fashion Clearance store, also located at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall South. She finds all kinds of crazy deals and steals here from really well-known shoe designers, as well as great clothing items.

Charlotte Olympia Shoes

I had to ask her…what about Rent The Runway? Christie loves the idea! Anytime you can “borrow” a fabulous, designer dress at well below the cost of retail is a smart fashion move. As a stylist, she understands the value in working your budget to be able to keep your style savvy. Why spend $1500 on a dress you’ll wear once, when you can “borrow” it for $75, and use the rest of that money on designer pieces that will be apart of your wardrobe for a very long time.

The Beach

The one thing she was not big on are the “borrow” bag and trendy shoe sites. That’s mainly because Christie feels an amazing bag or a kick-ass pair of shoes can really make your day. You could be having a “not-felling-it” week, and all you have to do is find that one bag that makes your life feel fuller. Shoes and bags are a personal choice for Christie and has an emotional connection with those items. Don’t we all? I mean, a classic pair of Louboutins will always make a LBD look like a million bucks, even if you only spent $30 on it.

Cowgirl Style

OK, I’m telling you, Christie Moeller is hot! And, super cool! Not only did she share some awesome shopping secrets, but she also shared some of her favorite looks for summer! Check out her Polyvore boards (above) put together especially for RSMLV readers, and when you get a chance, check out her icanstyleu blog, facebook and twitter. She’s got great tips and stories! Thanks, Christie!

Picnic Pretty

I was not compensated in anyway to chat about the incredibly fashionable Christie Moeller, but I ain’t saying there’s not a few links in this post that may contribute to the RSMLV fund if you click through and buy. 

Christie Moeller is an experienced stylist that has worked with world class photographers and professional crews in many extreme conditions nationwide, she is prepared for any fashion emergency. Her knowledge of current and historical fashion trends makes her a valuable and well-educated source  for the industry’s latest looks and information for both print and online media.