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One of the most talked about pools in Las Vegas is The Beach at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. If you make it past the room key check (every person in your group has to have a key in order to be admitted), then you become one of the lucky ones to experience this crazy summer time adventure.

What the kids will love…as long as they are the required height of 48″ and can swim without a flotation device, kids will love the lazy river and wave pool. The lazy river does allow inner-tube style floats that allow for a space for swimmers to pop their heads up to avoid a blockade. There is even a little wading pool that graduates from roughly 6″ to 2′ off to the side for the younger ones to enjoy. If they don’t meet the 48″ to enter the wave pool, they can still wade off to the side and enjoy the after-shocks. There is also beach like entrances and sand areas for digging and playing. Lots to keep them entertained.

Mandalay Beach Las Vegas IT

What the over 21 crowd will love...the Moorea Beach Club offers a full-service bar and a casino. Yes, Vegas has thought of everything. You can still gamble while enjoying poolside festivities! Also, check the website when visiting during the summer months for the Beach Concert Series as the Mandalay Bay Beach is home to a pretty rocking outdoor stage where, as Zac Brown says it best,you can have your toes in the water, butt in the sand (keeping it kid-friendly here), not a worry in the world, a cold (insert cocktail here) in your hand…while listening to some pretty cool live music. Zac even performed there himself not long ago.

Mandalay Beach Las Vegas

What the moms will love…cabana. I’ll say it again. Get a cabana. That is all.

Mandalay Beach Las Vegas Sand


Don’t mess around. If you didn’t get the cabana like I told you to, then make sure you are up before the sun in order to secure a prime location at the Beach. I’m not kidding. It will make or break your whole experience. Especially if you have little ones.

Don’t mess around with the room key check. The gate keepers are like the secret service. If you don’t have a key, you don’t get in. That goes for every person in your group.

If you can bring snacks and drinks for your kids, then do. Honestly, I can’t remember the policy on this, and it’s not on their website. I do know that I brought in snacks for the twins and drinks for the big kids without a problem. I’m sure coolers are not allowed, but definitely bring snacky stuff with you like pretzels, granola bars, fruit. Kids get hungry fast at the pool and the food is served in large portions at large portion prices, plus, it could take awhile to get your meal. Definitely helps to have a few snacks on hand to keep the little piranhas at bay.

Don’t forget water, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen! It’s Vegas; it’s hot! You can also bring your own float as long as it’s the inner tube style I mentioned above. Bring sand toys, too!

Have you been to the Mandalay Beach? What do you love about it?