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When I was 19 I backpacked through Eastern Europe, and my travels took me to the romantic city of Budapest in Hungary. It was in the late 1990’s and the tides were stil changing for Budapest, yet we managed to find the dark, winding, cobble stone roads that led us to candle lit pubs and buildings where ghostly scholars from the past used to wander. We also discovered the country-esque areas where the world was learning more about the natural occurring spas scattered across the Hungarian landscape. I remember sitting in a small pool of spring water with a modern day spa facility built around it, and thinking this is really awesome. I tried to recreate it once back in the U.S. with skin care products claiming to be straight from the source. Until this date, I had found nothing that brought me back to that time until I experienced a facial from Omorovicza. A small town in Hungary, rooted with regal history, Omorovicza is laden with the natural spas so many seek out, and a fairytale story to accompany it.

Baths in Budapest; Photo Courtesy of Budapest-Tourist-Guide.com

Once upon a time, there was a career savvy, American journalist who met an Hungarian prince. They fell in love. The rest is history. Amidst that history, she discovered the thermal waters found in her husband’s family’s hometown of Omorovicza cleared up any skin issues she suffered from. She suggested they find a way to bottle the benefits the waters provided to share with the rest of the world, and thus, the skin care line, Omorovicza, was born.

I was invited by Omorovicza to experience a world class facial at Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show in Las Vegas. I’ve lived in this city for 30-some odd years and never knew there was an opportunity to experience such a thing at a department store; a very luxurious facial given by a licensed aesthetician in a spa-like atmosphere at Neiman Marcus. The Omorovicza facial itself was quite relaxing. The products were very soothing and nowhere near as evasive as the previous lines I have used. I was always a believer in, “No pain, no gain,” when it came to skin care. I wanted to feel the burn. The tingling told me that it was working; that the products were eating up my wrinkles and diminishing my lines. At the time when I went in for the Omorovicza facial, my skin was seriously struggling. I was in need of some serious love and affection from a product that could make all the break-outs, blemishes, and dry skin go away. After the facial, I had one compliment after another on how radiant and amazing my skin looked. I knew I was on to something.

neiman marcus las vegas spa room

The treatment rooms at Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

I graciously accepted the travel bag Omorovicza offered after my facial, and continued to use the product day and night. Within days, my troubled skin was repairing itself. I love the Queen of Hungary Mist. From the moment I experienced the scent and the way the atomizer distributed the mist on my face, it brought me back to sitting in the thermal waters in Budapest. Nothing since had lived up to that exact memory. I loved hearing about each product and how it was produced, and that all the Omorovicza products are literally taken from the thermal waters and sediment, bottled and shared with the world. Even the Gentle Buffing Cleanser uses rocks from the waters to create the exfoliant. The Thermal Cleansing Balm wiped away all debris, even mascara, while the Rejuvenating Night Cream and the Balancing Moisturizer hydrated my skin all day and night, creating a suple cavas to apply my everyday make-up.

I am thoroughly addicted to the Omorovicza line, and have written my former skin care line a ‘Dear John”. I want you to experience the Omorovicza line first hand, too. Call Ilona today to schedule your facial. It retails for $175 at luxury spas around the country where the Omorovicza line is available. Currently, Omorovicza is available at select Four Seasons and St. Regis Hotels, select Neiman Marcus and Bergdof Goodmans throughout the United States.

When booking your appointment, please announce you are a RockStarMom Las Vegas reader to receive a special gift from Omorovicza. Enjoy this moment of tranquility and transform yourself to the thermal waters of Omorovicza in Hungary. Be good to yourself.

A purchase of 1-2 items is suggested when you book an Omorovicza facial. Contact Ilona at 702.731.3636 to schedule your appointment.

Omorovicza did provide me with several items from their line to review, however, all thoughts and words are my own.