Admit it. You’ve seen the billboards. Maybe you have even walked past the store. For some reason, you want to shop there, but you are afraid to go in. Come on. I know you are because I was, too.

Top Shop is the latest British import to invade the Las Vegas shopping scene, and has made it’s home at the Fashion Show Mall. From the outside looking in, it’s quite bright, loud and looks as though it’s made for twenty-something super models (are they still called that?), and even if you dare to enter, unescorted, there is a good chance you may walk out of there with the wrong impression. I’m telling you this, my readers, because I am a mid-to-late thirty-something, and TopShop is now on my “Hit List”.

With the help of local Las Vegas stylist, Christie Moeller, I was introduced to the fabulous, and necessary, luxury of Personal Shopping at Top Shop. Honestly, I would pass by there and want to go in. It totally appealed to me, but I didn’t know how to “shop” the line. I needed an expert. Christie directed me to Ginger, who heads up the Top Shop Personal Shopping, who then set up an experience second to none. Since I happened to be in the market for a birthday party dress, the staff ensured there was a special treat for me and my girlfriend as we perused the floor. Pink Champagne, a Red Velvet cupcake and our own personal dressing room awaited us. Ginger walked us through the floor, pointing out styles for the type of event we were looking for- Girls Night Out on the town in Vegas- and identifying what would work best with our body types, skin color and made sure it was age appropriate. All of us had our arms full as we headed back to the private dressing rooms. This part of the Top Shop Personal Shopping experience is worth it all on its own. Whether it be a celeb who wants to maintain a low-profile, society ladies, or busy moms like me, the Personal Shopping provides a VIP entrance accessible from outside the Fashion Show Mall. With a quick phone call, your Top Shop personal shopper will prepare an entire fitting room with outfits based on your needs. You can run in, try on, and buy all within an hour. Heaven.

Here’s the even skinny on the skinny…it’s totally free. The personal shoppers do not even make a commission. It’s a complimentary service Top Shop provides their customers. Talk about loyalty and retention! That completely sold me. In fact, I tried to go in there on the fly one day, and couldn’t hack it without my personal shopper. I did end up buying a killer pair of heels. Their shoes and accessories are amazing, by the way. Top Shop has their own line of shoes, beauty products and accessories. I love the shoes especially because for a price point of $100-200, you can buy some seriously fashion forward styles that will have people begging you to tell them where you scored those sexy stilettos. You can stay on-trend for the season without the guilt of knowing they probably won’t see day light next Spring. When I was talking to Christie about Top Shop, she explained they are considered a High Street Retailer, which is next in line to some of the major fashion power houses. Some may question the quality and the longevity of the pieces. I found the price point to be right in line with what I already budget for, and not only trend but classic pieces to add to my wardrobe. I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality, and I’ve received nothing but compliments on the items I have purchased. In fact, I love mixing a Top Shop piece with something traditional because I love the statement it makes.


Not everything in Top Shop will be your style or what you are looking for. In all honesty, the best pieces I have found so far have been through the help of the Personal Shopper, and I love them. I feel like I spent my money on something that was worth it and not just threw it at something I wanted in the moment. Even with wash and wear the blouses and dresses I bought still look brand new. You RSMLV Tip for Top Shop…call and schedule your personal shopping experience next time you are in Las Vegas. Give it a go! Call Top Shop today to set up your personal shopping experience: 702.866.0644.

Have you shopped at Top Shop? What did you think? What was your favorite purchase?