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A few weeks ago, I received an email from a publicist asking for my support in getting the word out about this SteveSongs from PBS Kids.  I’ve noticed that since I have a 7 year old, my 5 year old kind of skipped the whole Sesame Street and PBS channel, and went straight to the Disney channel, much to my dismay.  The twins are far too young to be participating in any educational or non-educational shows, so admittedly, I’m a little behind on keeping up with the new wave of educational performers in the pre-school denom.  I asked if she would please send me some promotional materials on SteveSongs so I could not only educate myself, but possibly peak the interest of my two grade schoolers who know Justin Beiber’s and Selena Gomez’s albums by heart.  She happily obliged, and today was spent cruising around in our car, running errands and getting to know SteveSongs.

Halfway through the songs, my 7 year old, who is instantly bored, asked if he could please watch his DVD now.  He only liked a few of the songs, but that really didn’t surprise me.  I was hoping to get more of a reaction from my daughter, who is 5, and the singer, songwriter, storyteller of the group.  She combated his TV wanting time with, “No! I like these songs!”, and quite honestly, I did, too.  When my son was born, The Dan Zanes Band and The Laurie Berkner Band were all the rage.  My husband and I would bust out with the tunes on road trips, and my son would sing and dance to them.  We tried to revive them again with my daughter, but with both of us working full time, it kind of fell off the way-side.  With the twins, I’ve been looking to increase our collection of that same fun, non-dorky music adults could enjoy, too.  And, I’m tired of listening to the repetition of the DVDs playing in the backseat, and seeing my kids’ eyes fixated and glazed over when I glance back to check on them.  So I killed the power on the DVD player, and forced them to listen to SteveSongs the remainder of the journey.  We were all pleasantly surprised.

He might not have that same hippie-rocker edge like Dan Zanes, but SteveSongs is kind of cute, in a dorky sort of a way, but this is for the kiddos, right?  Being a writer, I really liked the content of his songs.  You know, the message.  He sings about relevant themes in your kids’ life, happening right now.  Colors, shapes, emotions, sharing, caring, and all that jazz.

The Historic 5th Street School in Downtown Las Vegas

When I got home to email his publicist that I would be happy to get the word out, I started to research the event location, the Historic 5th Street School, which ironically, is located on South 4th Street.  Being a native, yes, born and raised, of course, I took a natural interest in wanting to support the culture and arts movement in the Downtown area.  As I investigated further, I discovered that there is an entire Children’s Summer Concert Series located at the Charleston Heights Art Center and Historic 5th Street School throughout the month of July. This is really amazing!  Educational, fun, family entertainment by well-known performers of the pre-school world, in Las Vegas, for $3 a ticket!

I am really excited about this opportunity, and wanted to share my awesome find with you.  In doing so, I can offer the first 20 people an advance, group rate ticket of $2.50 per person.  If you would like to participate in this fun-filled event, please post your comment here saying you want to come, or on my FaceBook page.  SteveSongs will be singing his new song, “Fun With Bubbles” and is asking that all kids bring their bubbles with them to participate!

When you purchase tickets through RockStarMomLV, not only will you get the $2.50 ticket price, but you will also get a sweet goody bag for your little one!