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I’m always looking for quick and healthy lunches while I’m at home.  Usually it’s because I just got back from working out and I’m famished.  RSH was doing that HCG diet, and he was limited to certain foods and portions, which personally, I found to be the best thing about that diet. One of the things on his list of approved foods was crab meat.  For health benefits from crab meat click here.

It's Fresh, it's so Fresh and Exciting!

Crab meat in itself…fresh, no preservatives, no water or anything added..is not only hard to find, but also pretty pricey.  But, I was craving a crab salad sandwich, so headed over to Whole Foods to see what they had available.  For 6oz of fresh crab meat, so fresh it is packaged, flash frozen, flown in and the seafood guy (do they have names?) reminded me several times to eat it ASAP.  OK OK already!  It’s fresh!  Side Note:  I did notice Trader Joe’s now carries fresh crab meat, but it is Chicken of the Sea brand, with added water and salt.  This has nothing.  It’s literally like someone scooped the meat out of a crab, put it in a ziplock baggie and sent it to me via Whole Foods.

So, a couple of ways we made Crab Salad:

My Way

Crab Meat
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Squeeze fresh lemon


Crab Meat
Chopped Kale
Chopped Basil
Chopped Red Onion
Smart Balance Omega3 Mayo
Sea Salt
Fresh Lemon

Both ways were delicious.  We ended up putting his salad on a Whole Wheat Hot Dog Bun.  We ate mine right out of the bowl.  (This was on two different days.)  Either way, the Crab Meat was a nice splurge for something you have every once in awhile.

Do you have a Crab Salad recipe to share?  Would love to hear from you!  Post it here in the Comments section, or on my Facebook Page.