RockStarMom Recommends is a featured round-up series of products, projects, or places to be I discover on my own, or ones that were sent to me via sponsorship or media opportunity. I will always let you know which is which, and I will only feature topics I would or have bought, participated in or travelled to myself. 

This week’s RockStarMom Recommends features products, projects and places to be for you and your little entourage!

1. The new American Girl® Doll Historical Character books  and American Girl® Craft Books for Spring 2014 | My daughter’s eyes grew as big as saucers when I presented her with the new American Girl® Historical character book, The Traveler’s Tricks: A Caroline Mystery (sent to me for review by American Girl®). Not only is Caroline her absolute favorite, but she’s also a Nancy Drew fan at heart. The combination of the two is a win/win for her, and me, especially for summer reading. The craft books are a great way to keep minds engaged and hands busy. We are big fans of both at our house! Historical character mystery books retails for $6.95, craft books prices vary. americangirl.com

2. LEGO Store Las Vegas | It is the first of its kind in the entire state of Nevada, and the kids in Vegas are stoked about it! Of course, much smaller than the giganotosaurus stores you may be used to at Downtown Disney or other mega-mall, but it works! At the grand opening kids had the opportunity to help a LEGO Master Builder build bricks to help design the R2D2 at the front of the store. Once inside, the same cool features you would find in any other LEGO store, like the Pick a Brick wall, also features the 3-D interactive Digital Box that displays what the final creation inside your box will look like. Your kids will be entertained for hours. Located at the Fashion Show Mall.

3. Eat Cleaner To-Go Wipes | I am a fruit cleaner freak. I have all kinds of fruit and veggie cleaners under my sink, and everything gets washed. What annoys me the most? When I am out around town or traveling and want a piece of fruit that I have not purchased and cleaned on my own. Anal, I know. It’s the little things I guess. Let me tell you how excited I was to receive these Eat Cleaner To-Go Wipes to review. Love them. Threw them in my bag one day when I was out with the twins, and what do you know? I was using them for everything! Not only to clean the apples they wanted from the market, but also to wipe their hands, their faces, the fork they kept dropping, the list goes on. Biodegradable and all-natural so they can be used on everything. store.eatcleaner.com

RockStarMom Recommends Little Entourage Collage

4.Snugwugg® |I just have to give a shout out to a colleague who has been working on this project for over a year now. Lisa Cash Hanson was an award recipient of the Huggies MomInspired Grant for her invention, the Snuggwugg. After all her hard work and perseverance, the Snuggwugg finally gained a US Patent and is on the market! Here’s what the Snuggwugg® does: a multi-use smartphone interactive pillow ages 3 months to 4 years. Can be used with smartphone or toys, or flashcards. Ends kicking and squirming during diaper changes, is great during travel in car seats and planes, perfect for tummy time and play. Great baby shower or welcome to the world gift! Retails for $39.95.  Snuggwugg.com also available on Amazon

5. The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona | OK, so it’s not much of a break from the Las Vegas heat, but Scottsdale does offer some pretty remarkable activities and cultural discoveries for the family. A quick plane flight or 6-hour road trip, the whole family can enjoy this summer vaca (even mom!). From May 26 through Sept. 1., the resort will offer guests a buy one, get one Kierland FlowRider session, an “Aloha Package” welcome amenity, $50 food and beverage credit, and rates from $149 per night. What is also killer about the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa is the location. Just a few steps away, the Kierland Commons has a great collections of shops and some of the best places to eat in Scottsdale…my favorite is the Zinc Bistro. kierlandresort.com

6. Hold On Handles | By looking at this product, doubts may arise. I am here to tell you, these things work! I, too, was a non-believer. Come on…twin toddlers are really going to hold on to those handles and not run away from you? Especially my twin toddlers? Yup. Given the choice of whether they wanted to stroll or walk? They chose walk every time. The compromise? They had to hold on to the handles or they had to go back in the stroller. Guess what? They never let go of their handle unless they got too tired to walk. I have seen these used also in grocery stores (on the carts) and even latched on to the back of dad’s pants. If you are struggling with your toddler who is discovering that independence can be kind of fun, give them the illusion of choice and see if they work for you. If they worked for my boys, am pretty sure they will work for anyone else’s kid! Retail prices vary $19.99 to $27.99. greaterthanonekids.com

Thank you American Girl® and Eat Cleaner Wipes for the chance to review your products for today’s post.