Listen, I get it. You have points. Or a special discount for a hotel. Or your company is paying for your hotel. Etc. Etc. But you need an itinerary put together so you enjoy your time in said destination.

I can do that for you!

Specialty Cities and Destinations:
Las Vegas
New York City
Los Angeles
Hawaii: Oahu/ Maui
Napa Valley
Cabo San Lucas

There is a non-refundable, one time service fee to put together an itinerary for your trip.

This fee includes a professional itinerary with all services confirmed: transfers, dining, tours and activities, and suggested activities.

Fee will be based on the amount of customization required for the trip.
**Fees start at $250 per itinerary.**

***Bookings that include a combination of hotels, air, transfers and meet a $5000 trip minimum have itinerary building built into the cost.***

Call or email me to get started!