I have been advising my local Las Vegas and Henderson clients to utilize the “Secret Weapon” of passport applications and process- The Henderson City Clerk.

Apparently, y’all let everyone else know about it, and it is now craziness.

This week alone, I had two clients reach out to me to explain the process, because yes, there is now a process, in order to submit your passport application through the Henderson City Clerk.

New Process:
— Call ahead and make sure you have all of the proper documents pertaining to your needs for your passport. This could be for a new passport, renewal, change of name, children’s passports, renewing expired passports. Call this number first: 702.267.1400 and make sure you have everything you need.
— Next, arrive at 5am to 240 S. Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015, and be one of the 85 people to get an appointment for that day. Yes, 85 per day. And, yes, it fills up before their offices open at 7:30am.
— If you make the cut, you will be given a ticket in line order. Typical wait time for your appointment is 1.5-2 hours. There are places nearby for coffee and lunch while you wait.
— Money Orders is the preferred method of payment as checks will delay the processing system (most likely for account verification).
— You can expidite your application with the Henderson City Clerk.

— It is suggested to have your passport photo taken there to avoid any rejections from the Passport office.

— Expired passports over 5 years, and children under 16 will need to go to the USPS.

What is my back-up?

If you know you have the time, then the US Post Office will be your next best bet. The USPS accepts appointments on-line 30-days in advance.

And, same with the Henderson City Clerk, it is best to have the Post Office take any photos, and come prepared with all of your docs pertaining to your passport needs, as well as a Money Order.

Of course, there are other services out there just for Passport Application expediting. I can assist you with finding a reputable company.

Passport Application Processing is now 8-11 weeks.

Makes sense since the City of Henderson is capping out at 85 people per day, Monday – Thursday. Obviously, the demand for international travel has not slowed down. Keep in mind back logged processing is partially due to the major layoffs during 2020, and many of these companies are struggling to hire and train employees fast enough. This is also something we, as Travel Agents, see with our suppliers, tour operators and hoteliers. Even though COVID is over, the effects of massive layoffs, are still being felt in a continuously booming industry. Make sure you are allowing yourself plenty of time to not only get your passports processed in a timely manner, but to plan your trips as well!