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May 4, 2002, (LAS VEGAS, NV)~ RockStarMomlv becomes Mrs. RockStarMomlv, married in a ceremony at St. Thomas More Catholic Community, and reception to follow at the Four Seasons Hotel with 315 guests in attendance.  The couple honeymooned in both Bali, Indonesia and Bangkok and Chaing-Mai, Thailand.

Next thing I know, BOOM! 4 kids, SAHM status, and driving a car purchased mainly with the intent to house a double stroller and four car seats for the next 5 years or so.  It may not be the fairytale life presented above, it’s still my fairytale…Cinderella grew up is all.  So when my husband suggested we take advantage of a gift card given to us by some friends for the Cosmopolitan Hotel, my bags were already packed before he could say “when”.

The biggest issue we had with the Cosmopolitan our whole stay was that of the gift card.  I want to say it now, and get it out of the way, because even that was handled with extreme professionalism and definitely with the customer in mind.  Since we had a little issue, I had to wait for RSH to pop over after work. So I chose the closest place where alcohol was being served…The Vesper.

Don’t even ask what was in this…I don’t remember

The Vesper is the front lobby lounge where drinks are concocted, literally, by mixologists.  You tell them what you are in the mood for, and they will prepare you the most amazing drink you’ve ever had.  If you aren’t so daring, they have a beautiful menu of  “Throwbacks to the Classics” along with the drink’s history and a modern twist version, going way back to the 1800’s with drinks like the Moscow Mule and the Manhattan.  I loved all the little apothecary jars they used to fill with garnishes and liquids.  It really made me feel like they were creating my drink especially for me with all their special ingredients picked fresh for my arrival.

Once RSH caught up with me, we got our room situation situated.  At least, so we thought.  Unfortunately, we got up to our Terrace Studio Room, (which is the basic option, but more like a very spacious mini-suite) and it appeared either not cleaned, or someone was still occupying it.  Back downstairs, and requested the manager again.  They were super quick, very professional, and upgraded us to a Terrace One-Bedroom Premium View.  We’ve all heard the stories about the hotel at one time being built to accomodate residential units.  Well, this was one of them.  I’m sure anyone who actually bought into these condominiums is cringing as they read this, but seriously, this room was amazing.  A wrap around balcony overlooking the Bellagio water show, a full kitchen with the coolest mini-bar treats, and a huge tub for two…made me wish I would have brought my jello-bath from Kiki d’s.

We were so happy with our upgrade, we opened up a bottle of bubbly, had a

A little rose champagne to toast our night

few sips, then headed on down to the Greek Restaurant, Milo’s Las Vegas. Milo’s is a very cool place.  When you hear Greek, you may think of hummus, pita, gyros…none of which are on the menu.  In fact, our waiter, introduced to us as “Awesome Mark,” was indeed awesome in knowing everything there was to know about the restaurant, its products and its owners.  The Greeks are proud people, and it was quite obvious in all the products they use.  Everything either came from Greece, or was produced by Greeks.  When I asked for a glass of champagne, they presented me with their Greek Sparkling White options.  Every detail down to the mushrooms all have some tie to their homeland.  You want sushi?  No problem.  Let me show you our selection of sashimi fresh from the Mediterranean Sea.  Ever had that before?  Me neither.

Behind the menu is the view from our table…probably would have made a better pic..damn Greek Sparking Wine!

Awesome Mark gave us a tour of the selection of seafood for the evening.  Everything on display, and the fish you pick is the fish you eat.  We had a lovely dinner of Octopus, Assorted Mediterranean Sashimi, and Mediterranean Snapper, along with a tomato, Feta, red onion and Kalamata olive salad, finished with the best Baklava I’ve ever had, of course, paired with a Greek port wine for dessert.

Perfectly satisfied, we made our way back into the hotel to roam around a bit. We were bit hazy from our Greek cocktails and those made from the mixologists at The Vesper, and were more than ready to head back to the room.  On our way back, we did stop to explore the random billiards and Foosball tables smack dab in the middle of floor.  We were laughing watching two guys in their 20’s, obviously way cooler than us, playing pool and drinking their 40s of beer out of a paper bag.  As we walked past, a vintage cigarette machine caught our eye, which we found interesting since that level was dedicated to eating, which is usually smoke free.  A closer look proved us wrong…it was a vintage cigarette machine, but it had been remod into an art vending machine.

Horny Toad?

Intrigued, we fed it the $5 necessary to purchase a piece of local art, and chose one we thought our son would enjoy with a desert animal theme.  Out popped a miniature relief  of a Horny Toad on a piece of petrified wood.  We would later come to learn that the extensive art collection throughout the hotel is apart of what adds to its vintage, modern charm.

Too tired to see anymore, we made our way back to the incredible room we had, and hung up the old school “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

Follow me on my adventure through the Cosmopolitan Hotel…to see more photos from this night visit my FaceBook Page.