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This Helpful Sister does what most don’t have time to do    or really want to do. I locate, write about, find all things    parents, baby, mom-to-be, & kiddos related, on the web.  Mainly deal with eco friendly, organic choices but is an open minded Momma, so anything goes too! Being a SAHM to our 2 sons (born July 09 & Sept 10, yes, that is 14 months apart), I know pennies need to be stretched and sometimes splurging has to be done. So sit back and enjoy, a little help is always good.

The Helpful Sister and RockStarMomlv met through an awesome mommy’s group on FaceBook.  I noticed her posts and started following her FaceBook page because of the items she kept sharing with the group.  I, myself, am an avid searcher of all things cool, different, and affordable for my kids, and this is exactly what she does!  I loved her posts in the Summer Series because she went above and beyond Toys R Us…she sought out cool websites and interesting products…right up my ally.  I think you’ll enjoy her, too!

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