Seven years ago, my first child was born.  When I found out at 20 weeks that I was having a boy, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed.  I wanted a girl so bad.  We even changed the name we had for a girl into the male version…which I LOVE…and it suits him well.

I remember that night, sitting in the tub, making peace with the newly found “him,” and saying aloud, “You better be the most remarkable little guy I know.  You better be a gentleman, and never cause me problems, and hang out with the right crowd.”  My husband thought I was nuts, but I reminded him about the anxiety and fear he caused his own parents, along with his brother, and my brother, and my brother-in-law.  I just didn’t see myself with a little boy, running around doing little boy things, buying little boy clothes…it was definitely an adjustment period for me.  One of the reasons why I wanted to know the sex…I knew myself too well to know that a “surprise” sex wouldn’t work for me…I needed to be prepared.

At the hospital, a few days old...

Then came May 14, 2004.  The most beautiful little angel was sent to us.  He was the apple of our eye.  I loved that baby so much.  We loved that baby so much.  Our family and friends loved that baby so much.  I have the best photo of the nurse coming out of the delivery room to a waiting room full of 25+ people, and the look on her face was priceless.  To sum it up, I was just rummaging through his baby album on-line…no joke, 500 photos.  Just of him before 6 months, in about every outfit imaginable.  My husband, my sister, my brother, my in-laws, my parents, my grandparents, my friends…we just couldn’t get enough of this little guy.  And now he is 7.

When I look back on his baby photos I can’t help but compare him to my twins…he is a perfect combination of the two.  Some people will say, wow, he looks just like Baby A, and others say the opposite.  I see both babies.  And I see him now.  He still makes the same faces.  He still has the same expressions. He is an amazing little person.  I am awed by him on a daily basis.  I remember the amount of love I felt for him, lying in the hospital, staring into his deep, dark  eyes.  The same deep, dark eyes stare back at me today.  But they are more inquisitive.  When he was a baby, I could tell he was soaking everything in.  You could see his little brain working, his mind understanding…he was intense and observant.  Today, we are blessed with this little brainiac who is filled with emotion, humor, love, kindness, thoughtfulness.  He wants to learn about everything, and he loves everything around him.  He inspired me to be a better mother than I ever thought I could be.  He has lived up to our tub conversation and more.  He is my heart and my soul.

Happy Birthday, little guy!



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