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Lisa Bienstock is the Director of Summer Programs at the Henderson International School, and the Executive Director of Summit Ridge Day Camp. As a credentialed teacher in both Nevada and California, she has over 20 years of experience in teaching as well as over seeing, facilitating and owning summer day camps.  This year, she joins the Summit Ridge Day Camp at the Henderson International School.

I approached Lisa about guest posting on Inside the Mind of a RockStar Mom after a conversation where she easily blurted out about 20 things for me to do with my kids over the summer to keep their minds sharp, in hopes to retain the information they learned from the past school year.  It just seemed like an easy match.  She is passionate about education, children and learning.  Not to mention, she has three adorable, smart and sassy boys of her own.  I have a feeling she knows what she is talking about!  I am very happy to have her posting in this first Summer Series.

To find out more about the Summit Ridge Day Camp at the Henderson International School, check out their page here.  You can also like their FaceBook page.

You can view Lisa’s post here.