Things To Do Alone

*You should be able to Copy/Paste into a Word document, then edit and print from your own computer.

Macaroni necklaces

Write or illustrate a story

Make musical instruments

Thumbprint pictures

Make paper airplanes

Make cootie catchers

Create a restaurant menu

Decorate placemats for dinner

‘Swim’ in the tub

Watch a movie

Make up a play

Build a card tower

Make a domino train

Decorate the driveway with chalk

2 square/4 square

Brush/Walk/Bathe a pet

Find garage sale/donation items in your room

Brain Teasers

Surprise a neighbor by doing something nice

Collect bugs

Make bookmarks

Treasure hunt in the couches (you keep what you find!)

Copy a book illustration

Make a nature diary

Make a collage with magazines

Pretend you’re stranded on a boat (your bed)

Play school and be the teacher

Create a joke book

Make up a dance routine to your favorite song

Make up a song

Workout! Push ups, sit ups, pull ups

Hula hoop

Roller blade

Start a gratitude book or add to it

Count how many times you can (hop on one foot, spin in circles etc)

Make animal shadows

See how many different animal noises you can make

Explore the backyard with a magnifying glass

Practice your pig latin

Find one thing in each room of the house that doesn’t belong there and put it away