Things To Do With A Friend

*You should be able to Copy/Paste into a Word document, then edit and print from your own computer.

Build a Fort

Make up a game

Do a puzzle

Play house


Red Light, Green Light

Draw a picture for a friend

Write a letter to someone special

Have a popsicle

practice soccer

practice piano

Play Polly Pockets (or Barbies, Bakugan, whatever your kiddo is into)

Play Build-a-bear


Easy bake oven

Practice writing letters/numbers


Play on the swings

Make homemade playdough

Go on a candy hunt

Blow bubbles

Freeze tag

Run through the sprinklers

Read a book

Play a game (mancala, sequence, memory)

Go on a scavenger hunt (or an egg hunt using plastic Easter eggs)

Paint nails

Art box (a box full of fun art supplies such as pipe cleaners, pom poms, paper, markers, scissors, glue etc)

Make sock puppets

Create a treasure map

Make a pet rock

Blow out an egg baby

Make a picnic lunch

Play grocery store

Have a tea party

Wash moms car