It was just starting to get warmer, and I was thinking about my Spring wardrobe…when *BOOM* cold front. Ahh…well, a girl can still day dream about Spring fashion because as it’s known in this desert city, Spring could be here next week! After checking out some of my favorite fashion bloggers and designers, I have finally decided on my Top 3 Spring Trends I am going to rock this season.


I live in Vegas…I rock the leather. I really love the look of leather because it can be so versatile. Leggings, shorts, mini skirts…you name it, I own them. Especially for Spring 2013, I am loving the metallics, pleats and colors of leather this season. Dresses are pretty rad, but my favorite fashion challenge is to find tops and shoes with the same leather bottom that change up my look from one event to the next. For example, to a Nevada Ballet Rubies Society event, black leather mini skirt, Vince cream silk blouse and red pumps. To the Lady Gaga concert, same black leather mini, white Top Shop t-shirt, BCBG red rabbit fur shrug and black Gucci booties. Leather. Is. Awesome. I love this look. That girl is not me.

Spring 2013 Leather Mini



When it comes to sunglasses, I have to admit, I’m a stickler for the classics. For the last two years I rocked the classic Wayfarer Ray Bans in black. Of course, I like to add my own personal style, so I bought the limited edition with the screen print image of Murano hand-blown glass balls on the inside of my frames. But, alas, those were like, so two years ago. Recently, I was gifted a pair of Daggerwing ivi vision sunglasses. Love them! The style was perfect for my heart-shaped face, and arched brow line. I was not familiar with the brand, but it didn’t matter. They are light-weight and do not slide down my nose. I get a ton of compliments when I wear them, and they have now become my favorite sunglasses. I’m looking to buy the Daggerwing in the Aqua fade/ Rose gradient for my Spring/Summer look.


Dr. Martens

Yeah, you read that right. When I was in college, Dr. Martens were my absolute favorite shoes. I had the shoes, the boots and the Mary Janes. Yeah, I rocked the look. I am hoping to bring them back with a style vengeance! I haven’t decided the exact look but am thinking along the lines of a classic black boot with shorts or a mini skirt, and casual, light-weight, sweater top. Or I might throw in one of those ironic t-shirts and a cardigan like I used to wear, just for fun. My high school reunion is coming up this year…Spring fashion throw back to the ’90’s.

dr.marten vegan boot

Hmmm…with all this talk about mini skirts and shorts, I better start looking into my Spring fitness fashion!

What trends are you going to rock this Spring season? What do you think about mine?

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