OK all you Little Monsters…Lady Gaga is on tour again, and most likely coming to a city near you. I had the fortunate experience to attend the Born This Way Ball tour in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It was amazing!

Just for the record, I’m not, by any means, one of Gaga’s Little Monsters, but I had no qualms with pumping my claws in the air to rock out to her dance trance music. So glad I went both nights because I definitely missed things the first time around that I caught the next night.

Many like to compare Gaga with Madonna, and even though I am a lifelong fan of Madge, I have to say, Lady G put on one heck of a show that really lends no comparison. Maybe it is the advantage Gaga has being famous in the social media age, maybe she just has it right with the culture connection and her groupies of Little Monsters, maybe it’s the fashion and costumes…but whatever it is, she’s got it. All ages were present in the arena. She spoke to her fans all night. “Las Vegas” was injected into her songs which got the crowd wild. And, both nights, she made a random cell phone call to an audience member and donated $5000 to a local charity (Love That!). Oh! And, she talked about her mom. Rock On, Gaga.


The set list was perfect! Encore was perfect! I sent a text out to my girlfriends who were planning on attending Saturday night’s show, “Wear comfortable shoes. You will not sit down all night.” It was like being at a Lady Gaga nightclub with live entertainment.

Lady Gaga Telephone

Yup- she’s totally controversial, and makes all kinds of statements all night long, whether it’s in her costumes, set, props, music or words. But, man, she knows how to connect with the audience. Her Monster Pit was full of look-a-likes and blinking head bands with big plastic bows. She was relating to them by talking about her time spent as a waitress and thanking everyone for saving their hard earned dollars to buy a ticket to her show. Another zinger from the night was when while singing “Telephone” a duet originally shared with Beyonce, she quipped, “And, yes, I’m singing this live,” then quickly added, “let’s all give Beyonce our support…stand up and SING!”.

Lady Gaga Las Vegas

OK, so we weren’t look a likes, but thought we looked pretty darn good in this photo!

I wasn’t sure I would have the energy to be at the show two nights in a row, but I couldn’t resist one more chance for the experience. It is like total stimulation of body and mind, and no matter my life choices or political opinions, I appreciated Lady Gaga for who she is and what she brought into my life at that moment. Go see her. DO IT!


  • Check her website, find your city and book your tickets now!
  • Join in all the social media fun with #skypeball.
  • When you get to the concert, grab the #(hashtag) and text number for your chance to get a phone call from Lady G herself during the show, and she will donate to a local charity.
  • Just a reminder that the Monster Pit is on the floor…it’s General Admission and there are no seats. If you are like me and need to have personal space, consider buying an actual seat.
  • Bring a back up battery for your phone or camera so you can take pics all night long!
  • And, YES, wear comfy shoes!!