When the weather gets cold and windy I find my thoughts drifting to tropical vacations of my past. Last summer I flew halfway around the world to witness one of my BFFs marry an awesome Aussie gent in Bali, Indonesia. I stayed at the Four Seasons Bali, which was absolutely gorgeous. Even though my part of the country isn’t blanketed in snow right now, I still can’t help but find myself dreaming of Bali.

Though it was supposed to be a 10-year anniversary trip, RockStar Hubby couldn’t take the time off, so instead, he let me escape alone for 5 days. It was heavenly- even though I wish he was there with me. Ten years ago, we honeymooned in Bali and stayed at the Ritz Carlton (now the Ayana Resort) and the Four Seasons in Sayan. To stay at the Four Seasons Bali in Jimbaran Bay this time as a solo traveler was lovely.


Here is a RSMLV Tip: When traveling to destinations such as this, choose a signature fragrance and use it every day on your vacation. When back at home, take a mental vacation when you spritz on your perfume or take a shower. The scent will remind you of the wonderful time you had, when you were relaxed and sexy and fun and free…helping to make the winter a little shorter. This is must-do for me when I am in the midst of being RockStarMom to my little entourage again, longing for a much needed escape. This time, I chose The Body Shop fragrance, Moringa, in the shower gel. A tropical scent perfect for my island escapade. Recently, I pulled it out of hiding from my travel stash and have been using it again in the shower. It’s a flowery fragrance reminiscent of walking through the gardens of the Four Seasons Bali with the warm ocean breeze enveloping my senses.

The Body Shop

I prefer The Body Shop shower gels products because they are soap-free and utilize Community Trade ingredients in their products when available.

Hope these pics helped you escape for a brief moment!

Disclosure: I have been gifted The Body Shop products before, however, I purchased the Moringa Shower Gel specifically for my trip to Bali.  All opinions, thoughts and words are 100% my own.